Top features coming to Service Cloud in Winter ’22

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  • Post last modified:December 1, 2021

We’re pretty excited that the Salesforce Winter ’22 release is upon us, so much so we wanted to get involved. Our team of certified Salesforce consultants here at cloudlink, are going to be sharing their favourite features of each platform. Let’s talk all things Service Cloud!

By fully integrating external apps and tools, Service Cloud is essential to achieve a more seamless workflow. Annika Brüls, an experienced Salesforce Service Cloud consultant shares her top 5 favourite features with us in this latest insights piece.

Create Shifts in Bulk from Your Omni-Channel Plan

This one will be a life changer for your service team: no more cloning shifts one by one and tracking how many you still need. In just a few clicks, your team can create all of the remaining shifts required by your Omni-Channel plan.

Diagnose, Track, and Prevent Service Interruptions with Incident Management

Salesforce will soon empower your service teams to manage interruptions like superheroes! When a widespread incident occurs, Incident Management will help you analyse the cause, streamline agent operations, and minimize downtime. In addition, change management features exist to help implement change to prevent incidents from reoccurring.

Find out more about the Salesforce Winter ‘22 release here.

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Define Omni-Channel Statuses for Missed and Declined Calls

Your agents will now remain visible in Omni-Channel Supervisor even after they miss or decline calls. Previously, the system would update the Omni-Channel status of the agent to offline and the agent was no longer visible in Omni-Channel Supervisor.