What’s new in Salesforce Sales Cloud

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  • Post last modified:March 24, 2023

The Salesforce Spring 22 Release brought in some significant updates in the Salesforce ecosystem. With advanced new features and enhancements, the Salesforce Sales Cloud is now more robust to help sales leaders sell more effectively. With Intelligent analytics, core sales and productivity features, and many more enhancements, Salesforce Sales Cloud is now a comprehensive solution for sales teams to grow. Let’s take a quick look at the new enhancements and updates in the Salesforce Sales Cloud in detail. 

Revenue Intelligence To Help Score Deals Better

Salesforce brought together analytics from Tableau with Einstein to offer businesses the power of analytics-driven insights in their workflows. Revenue Intelligence can now help Sales leaders gain more actionable insights about their customers from various journey touchpoints to close deals, improve forecast accuracy, or build new pipelines.

Pipeline Inspection To Inspect Deals Progress And Engagement

Gone are the days of hunting deals from the CRM to make them work. Pipeline Inspection will bring up the most up-to-date view of the pipeline and help in identifying the right opportunity. The new pipeline inspection flow also visually shows all the pipeline changes in the pipeline. As an embedded component from tableau CRM, integrated with real-time data from the Salesforce Sales Cloud, it shows up all-new deals around and helps sales leaders to manage their teams’ forecasted pipelines. With out-of-the-box dashboards and actionable insights indicating or building new pipelines, managing teams and their quotas has become more accessible and much simpler to handle. 

Better Core Sales features To Help Sell More

The Salesforce Spring 22 release has brought over collaborative forecasts with an improved setup experience. Add Key Performing Indicators (KPIs) quickly to the forecasting grid and view the changes in the forecasting categories. The sales teams can now effectively filter out RecordType field opportunities. With custom filters and territory assignment rules in place, Reps can control which opportunities to include or exclude from forecasting. New sharing methods introduced in this release update also help protect the product data. This new update allows organization-wide product sharing settings for product records to protect product data well. Sales Leaders/ Sales Admins can also control unauthenticated guest access to product records from now on. 

Enhance Productivity Of Teams With More Features

With the new Einstein activity Capture, users can now change the time frame to capture emails. Review advanced settings to create a configuration. Determine the access of sensitive emails with other users. Improved email experience helps inbox users to specify more granular settings for list emails and generate reports to see the effectiveness of the list emails. Sales leaders can also create engaging email content with an email template builder. Without leaving the activity timeline, sales reps can now track and check their voice and video calls in the timeline, sort past activities, and plan their day more efficiently.