Salesforce CPQ Consulting

Salesforce CPQ is a “configure, price, quote (CPQ)” software solution that enables your teams to produce quotes faster and easier. With CPQ, you can configure products, price orders, and generate quotes while reducing errors and increasing sales rep productivity.

Cloud Link has long been a trusted partner in successful Salesforce CPQ implementation. We help clients streamline their quoting process through CPQ functionality. Features like guided selling and built-in approval processes make quoting more efficient while reducing the potential for error. We work to build tailored solutions that align with clients’ unique product offerings and sales processes.

Increase quoting accuracy

Ensure consistent pricing and discounting with each quote.

Branded Proposals and Contracts

Build customer-friendly, branded quotes.

Streamlined Billing

Automate the invoicing process.


Get the reports you need to manage quotes, orders, invoices and payments.

Cloud Link specializes in a “Lead-to-Cash” business software methodology. We work with clients to transform their businesses by building fully integrated systems that support marketing, sales, pricing, order fulfillment, customer service, accounting and other functions. Our services include general consulting, Salesforce implementation, virtual Salesforce support and custom development.

Strategy & Design
Strategy & Design

We work with your team to identify the system requirements and customization, then design a solution that fits your unique needs. We’ll also recommend improvements to streamline business processes.

We configure templates, electronic signature integration, price books and handle the data migration. Learn more.
As you evolve with the platform and grow your business, you may require changes to your existing implementation. Nuvem offers support post-implementation to ensure your systems stay updated with changes in your business or industry.

We offer system administrator and other training packages, as well as customized training with our standard implementation packages to ensure your team can support the solution internally as much as possible.

Why Choose Us

What Clients Say

  • A thorough discovery and advisory process led by a senior consultant
  • Business-process expertise gathered from a wide range of vertical industries
  • Consultants who understand the limitations and possibilities of the platform
  • A ‘one-stop-shop’ consulting partner with everything you need to succeed with Salesforce
  • Support services designed to maximize engagement, performance, and ROI

The Cloud Link team, from initial pitch and discovery phase through going live with our deployment of Salesforce, was an absolute delight to work with! They were attentive to our unique needs and educated us along the way. This first experience with them was a success and I hope to continue the relationship with them for all our SF needs.

Manny Quevedo, EVP Corporate Development, NTT Group Security