Salesforce Community Cloud Implementation

A Salesforce Cloud community is a marked web entry that associates with your inside Salesforce information. It gives a consistent method to workers, accomplices, or clients to associate and draw in with your image. 

Executing Salesforce Community Cloud is an incredible method to stretch out the usefulness of Salesforce to your clients, merchants, affiliates, providers, and accomplices. Cloud Link’s experience in custom turn of events and entryway advancement on different stages offers our customers extraordinary aptitude that has prompted numerous effective executions

Cloud Link has practical experience in a “Lead-to-Cash” business programming approach. We work with customers to change their organizations by building completely incorporated frameworks that help advertising, deals, evaluating, request satisfaction, client support, bookkeeping, and different capacities. Our administrations incorporate general counseling, Salesforce execution, Virtual Salesforce backing, and custom turn of events.

You can make various networks and encounters inside your Salesforce organization to address various purposes—and numerous organizations do precisely that. Since people group live in your Salesforce organization, you can pick precisely how clients and accomplices access substance and information.


The Community Cloud Advantage


What is the upside of building a computerized experience utilizing Salesforce? Two words: coordinated everything. Here’s a short rundown of how you can utilize Community Cloud to give partners what they need.

• Create different encounters for explicit necessities.

• Extend business cycles to accomplices and clients.

• Integrate information, (for example, orders or money related data) from outsider suppliers.

• Use topics and formats to make lovely marked encounters.

• Use Salesforce CMS to make substance and convey to any channel.

Information from your locale lives in your Salesforce organization, and information living in your Salesforce organization can be shared remotely through your locale. . To put it plainly, an advanced encounter fabricated utilizing Community Cloud gives a window into your Salesforce world.

Community Cloud helps gain the deep personal understanding, need to innovate, not just for technology’s sake, but for people’s sake

Strategy & Design
Strategy & Design

 We work with your group to distinguish the framework prerequisites and customization, at that point plan an answer that accommodates your novel needs. We’ll additionally prescribe upgrades to smooth out business forms.


We arrange layouts, security models, and client experience. We likewise offer custom turn of events and portable improvement for further developed necessities.


Cloud Link offers virtual administrator bolster present usage on guarantee your frameworks stay refreshed with continuous support and changes in your business or industry.


We offer framework heads and other preparing bundles, just as modified preparing with our standard execution bundles to guarantee your group can bolster the arrangement inside however much as could reasonably be expected.

Why Choose Us

What Clients Say

  • An exhaustive disclosure and warning procedure drove by a senior advisor 
  • Business-process aptitude assembled from a wide scope of vertical enterprises 
  • Specialists who comprehend the restrictions and potential outcomes of the stage 
  • A ‘one-stop-shop’ counseling accomplice with all that you have to prevail with Salesforce 
  • Bolster administrations intended to augment commitment, execution, and ROI

The Cloud Link group, from beginning pitch and disclosure stage through going live with our arrangement of Salesforce, was a flat out joy to work with! They were mindful of our interesting needs and taught us en route. This first involvement in them was a triumph and I would like to proceed with the relationship with them for all our SF needs.

Andru Quevedo