Ideas – Startup Can Use To Build Custom Apps For Salesforce

Your startup company can take a long period of time, if you are founder of a startup or a serial entrepreneur, hunting for effective idea for your next venture, ideas that will be one great beneficial for your business in the long run. This One’s for you, create an app for AppExchange, the marketplace for all third-party apps to integrate with salesforce platform. Salesforce is the fastest-growing than the overall market, saas-based CRM with over 3600 apps present on AppExchange, that are installed to enhance different types operations on Salesforce, all you need is great Idea!  On which you can build your best app. You can base your idea on the number of really useful categories such as sales, IT and administration, customer service, marketing, and there are many more.

If you are a startup or new to this experience in salesforce. Then effective business process easier for you. We understand that come up with new ideas for a Salesforce ecosystem that is prominent, intuitive and has key practical implementation is a lot at this stage. Since you are looking for ideas and obviously mastering salesforce, here are important you can use to build custom Salesforce apps around.

Automation App

The easiest way to build an automation app for taking care of repetitive and routine tasks can be a perfect solution for saving up the time and effort of a company.  It will automate all the tedious activities tasks into the workflow by copying and moving data for users.

You can decide to  add the support for integration to most used web apps such as Google sheets, Mailchimp, Wufoo, Gravity forms, Evernote, Gmail, etc. So users preferences can connect salesforce to these web apps they use and automate their common tasks in the pipeline.

A data backup and recovery app can come in handy in providing automatic backup, comparing, recovering, and replicating the user’s Salesforce data. Making the app capable of restoring data and metadata at all levels of granularity will be a huge benefit. Additionally, your app should be able to replicate dev orgs for anonymized data testing, development, quality assurance, and user acceptance testing.

Marketing App

Email Marketing & bulk email app

An email marketing app will sync data and contacts on the Salesforce platform with the app for seamless and targeted email marketing. It could help in keeping a customer’s preferences up to date by automatically get more lead and subscriber opt-out. Great new features that will make an email marketing app whole are:

  • Managing effective email opt-in and opt-out
  • Using steps to subscribe or unsubscribe contacts and prioritizing leads
  • Viewing and tracking email statistics support directly within Salesforce