Salesforce Sales Cloud Features Help Organizations Empower Their Sales?

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Sales have gone through many changes over the years, starting from door-to-door, moving to telesales, and then the first CRM was introduced in the mid-90s, and we finally started tracking the sales activities seamlessly. Today we are in this new age of intelligence, and it is exciting because there are so many opportunities. But with those opportunities comes the expectations of the customers. And right now, customers have the highest expectations they have ever had.

The lines between typical B2B and B2C experiences are truly blurring; now, the organization’s business partners want the same personalization and attention that they see in B2C environments. As a business entity, you have to merely come to them with value and tell them how you can help to scale up their business. But it’s challenging; when you don’t have one holistic view of your customers or all of the data in one place, and that’s where Sales Cloud comes into the picture.

Salesforce Sales cloud helps empower your sales teams to take your customers from leads to cash to loyalty. As a business leader, you can quickly get insights into your business, so you know where to focus your efforts and make decisions based on market changes.

Salesforce is the world’s no. 1 CRM for so many reasons; it comes with a wide range of solutions that help businesses to achieve their business goals efficiently and stand ahead of their competitors.

Today in this article, we are going to discuss the critical salesforce sales cloud features, their benefits, and salesforce sales cloud best practices, that let businesses:

Sell smarter
Sell faster
Sell the way you want
Before going in-depth, let’s see what its market says:

Sales Cloud Market Size
According to– As of its 2021 fiscal year,’s largest revenue-generating service offering was its “Salesforce platform and other” which earned the company over six billion U.S. dollars in total revenue. Other cloud services offered by the company include the Sales Cloud, Service, and the Marketing Cloud. Historically, Sales Cloud has generated most of Salesforce’s revenue, in 2021, it has generated $5.19 billion in fees related to Sales Cloud, which is almost 26% of total subscription and support revenues.

What benefits will businesses get using Salesforce Sales Cloud?
Salesforce sales cloud comes up with immense benefits that will help you grow your business manifolds-

  1. Go Mobile
    Today, mobility has become an integral part of businesses as it allows you to work from anywhere, anytime. Salesforce sales cloud brings mobility solutions that let you monitor sales activities from anywhere in the world. No matter where you are, this solution allows you to track every single activity of your sales team and operations from your very own personal device. You can check dashboards, sales charts, reports, call logs, respond to deals, and more with just a few clicks. Boost your productivity with AI
    Artificial Intelligence is the most powerful tool that makes the sales cloud a top choice in the market. The technology Einstein AI, built-in sales cloud lets you automate the core processes, prioritize your potential leads, and help your teams to convert or close them in a quick turnaround time. AI automation in the sales cloud is one of the biggest blessings you can use for your business to boost its productivity and revenues.

Sales Forecasting
Another significant benefit you can get from the sales cloud is the forecasting that helps you make more informed decisions. Sales forecasting in the sales cloud is extremely simple and easy. This functionality gives you a real-time view of your team forecasts. Also, it provides multicurrency support and overrides visibility that helps you gain a competitive advantage in your respective markets.

Salesforce Sales Cloud Features
Salesforce sales cloud is the best CRM solution for you. How? This platform features all the critical elements required to run your business swiftly with embedded intelligence. Below we have mentioned a few critical salesforce sales cloud features that will help you understand how you can achieve your targets with this robust platform.

  1. Account and contact management
    Know every contact of your customer’s account with the sales cloud. This feature lets you access the critical customer’s data, including the communication history, key contacts, and more. This feature provides you a complete picture of your customer from insights, deals they are involved in, and how to engage them.

2. Lead management
Lead management is one of the prominent salesforce sales cloud features that lets you convert more leads into real-time opportunities. It tracks all the accurate information about your leads. This feature assists you to see where the lead came from, provides you the relevant information upon which you can take decisions and route and assign leads to the right people at the right time. It also helps you to track all your marketing campaigns across all the channels.