All about Salesforce Health Cloud

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Salesforce Health Cloud is revolutionising the way the healthcare industry provides services and support to their patients and customers. But let’s start at the beginning.

Salesforce has received praise for its groundbreaking CRM (Customer Relationship Manager) software. But the company has long outgrown its initial scope. Today, the Salesforce line offers dozens of top-tier products designed to give companies a holistic view of their business on a single platform.

4 key advantages of Salesforce Health Cloud

1. 360º view of patients
Alll patient information and data is easily accessible and cleverly organised to make assessments easier. Patient history, medication logs, treatments, and communication preferences, all gathered in one place, facilitating care. Besides, Salesforce integrates patient data with medical devices and wearables. The result is a more fluid patient experience, where clients don’t need to repeat information. That means more time with the patient, and less administrative tasks.

2. Multi-device patient engagemen
Mobile has become the best way to engage patients in distance treatments. With Salesforce Health Cloud, hospitals and pharmaceutical companies can offer multi-device options, in order to improve adherence and engagement, while delivering excellent service and patient experience.

3. Real-time coordination of patient care
Not only does Salesforce Health Cloud allow for patient-carer communication in a fast and secure way, it also monitors patients in real-time. Healthcare professionals can quickly respond to medical emergencies by having access to a personal and professional network of carers.

4. Analytics and AI-driven forecasts
With centralised data, Salesforce Health Cloud can give your teams forecasts based on patient history, identify at-risk populations, or recommend actions for timely intervention and greater engagement. With built-in AI and analytics, healthcare companies can monitor patient programs or trial participation, as well as predict sales behaviours, or even identify new opportunities.

There is obviously a lot to consider when taking on a new system, especially when it concerns the healthcare industry and scores of sensitive and confidential information. As such, seamless integration of legacy systems is vital. At cloudlink, we recommend a multilayered and nuanced approach, benefiting from the myriad of features in the Salesforce Health Cloud package. We then customize these features to your business and client base. This is what we have done in many previous iterations, such as with EZFY