Key Benefits of Salesforce Service Cloud

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  • Post last modified:October 28, 2021

Here are a few benefits of SFDC Service Cloud:

With Service Cloud, you can uplevel call center management with smart productivity tools.

You can also get valuable and actionable insights into every customer interaction with Salesforce Service Cloud.

Service Cloud also allows you to drive upsell and revenue easily with the power of Artificial Intelligence.

The clarity of Service Cloud Customer 360 allows you to break down silos and get an inside scoop into every single customer interaction from the first click-through to the last purchase, and so much more.

Service Cloud also allows you to empower your teams to deliver mission-critical and safe field service. These field service solutions enable you to get jobs done faster with step-by-step guided flows, automatically schedule the right person for the right jobs, safely complete jobs on the first virtual or in-person visit, and access data offline and online with the field service app.

With the Appointment Assistant, your Field Service Team can further strengthen customer engagement. Now you can give customers all the information they need in real-time. For instance, you could inform your customers when their mobile worker will be there, who to expect, and the duration of the appointment.

Workflows and Approvals

Workflows let you save time by automating your internal processes and procedures, including any extra steps required to keep things moving. Here are a few salient aspects of Workflows and Approvals:

Visual Simplicity

You can design entire processes in one place with the powerful Process Builder. This is a point-and-click interface that you can use to create and update records, launch workflows, log calls, send emails, and so much more.

Simplified Approvals to Keep Cases Moving

It also allows you to automate your business request approval process. You can specify the sequence of steps that are required to approve a record. This includes what to do at each point of the process and who to ask.
Automating Workflows: You can eliminate repetitive and manual chores by automating manual tasks. Workflows can help speed up your work by automating field updates, task assignments, and email responses.