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Salesforce Sales Cloud

Sales Cloud is the world’s #1 CRM, and it is developed to help sales teams sell more, faster, and anywhere. It is the pipeline data for all sales, marketing, service and commerce solutions, ensuring a single source of truth throughout an organization. With a better view of customer data, sales can target the most promising leads and provide personalized customer experiences that will drive conversions.

Features: Contact Management Software, Opportunity Management, Lead Management, Reports and Dashboards, Salesforce Mobile (Access Anywhere), Email Integration, Sales Forecasting, Workflow and Approval Processes, File Sync and Share, Data Management.

Commerce Cloud provides advanced B2B and B2C digital commerce solutions for seamless online shopping experiences. Through CRM integrations, customers are provided with a personalized and consistent experience through the entire buying journey. The tools are easily integrated with Salesforce Service Cloud to provide a full view of the order lifecycle, and the platform is agile and can adapt as quickly as a go-to-market strategy allows.

For B2C, digital commerce and in-store shopping can be connected through a digital inventory, allowing customers to always have the ability purchase items, even if a store is sold out. For B2B, self-service commerce solutions simplify complex buying processes, speeding up time to order and lowering operational costs. All commerce solutions include best practices for checkout procedures and payment accelerators, mobile-first commerce capabilities, and social commerce options.

Features: B2B, B2C, Endless Aisle, Commerce Portals, Order Management, Content Management, Storefront Templates, Einstein AI for Commerce