Salesforce winter features 2021

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  • Post last modified:August 17, 2021

Salesforce is doing it again. The Winter 2021 update will be a significant overhaul of Salesforce’s software solutions. As a leader in the SaaS industry, all eyes are on the Salesforce features release. It’s kind of a big deal around here.

This is a major update with tons of improvements (and even name changes!) but we’re focusing on our specialty. We’ve got a break-down of some of the biggest changes to Salesforce Service Cloud and Community Cloud upgrades. Let’s dive in!

Service Cloud Updates

Service Cloud is getting the star treatment with the improvements and updates planned for Winter 2021. These updates include changes that will benefit new users, such as the overhauled onboarding process. Current users benefit from new and improved support services to help them get the most out of Salesforce’s offerings. Customers and employees are also getting a boost from this update. Let’s dive into the best Service Cloud updates of the 2021 release. 

  • Streamlined Onboarding: Get Service Cloud up and running faster than ever before. The new Service Cloud setup assistant can help you go from purchase to taking calls within the same day.
  • Telephony Service Upgrades: Service Cloud has enhanced its already robust service offerings. Now users can integrate Service Cloud’s telephony options even faster with setup assistance. Build customized messaging templates and customize your channel menu with ease. 
  • Quality Case Management: Agents rejoice! Quick text and flows help to reduce the time spent on tedious tasks. Get more done in less time. Incoming emails are now matched with customer header information, as opposed to Ref. ID.
  • Supervisor Support: Now, supervisors can provide real-time assistance to agents. This update includes real-time voice transcripts viewable as a call takes place. Whenever an agent needs help, a supervisor can hop on the call without trouble. 
  • Sharing Knowledge: New upgrades make it easy to share Knowledge with guest users and high-volume community users. Tracking and changing articles’ ownership is now a breeze, and linked articles can now be used with Voice and related Lists via Voice, chat, messaging, and social.
  • Enhance Customer Service: Case classification is now more efficient as they appear when a case is created, and not after. So, your team can provide faster and more accurate service. New language support means that you can help customers all over the world. Did we mention, intent models are now even stronger?