Salesforce Revenue Cloud: Drive Strategic Growth of Your Business

Covid-19 has left the remarkable effect  on businesses such as disruption of sales channels, customer expectations are changing all of a sudden with deals stalled, become so incredibly unreliable. However, Despite all the changes and challenges, the pandemic has not changed one thing i.e revenue did not get affected. Salesforce Revenue Cloud creates a single point of reference spanning across the buying process, from renewal to revenue recognition.

Firstly, Salesforce Revenue Cloud is part of Customer 360-degree platform, Revenue Cloud includes advantages everyone in your sales and service i.e several Salesforce products such as CPQ and Billing. The Revenue Cloud includes Partner Relationship Management Program (PRM) sometimes called partner relationship.

Say in other words of Salesforce, We are helping and support businesses accelerate your business growth, fill any gaps that they lost revenue or doubling down on the areas of your business that are doing well. No matter the complexity of your deals over the line, business model, or revenue processes.

Secondly, Revenue Cloud gives the agility to your business serving to rapidly adapt to market and environmental changes and revenue efficiency and making the buying process, the end result of easier, better, and faster. Revenue Cloud combines the major three i.e B2B Commerce and Partner Relationship Management, Salesforce CPQ and Billing.

Finally, Revenue Cloud creates a single source of truth for your business helps to save you a ton of time, partner, connecting sales, Operations and finance teams. The single source of truth the concept that originally comes from the field of information, SSOT provides the latest slice of revenue by forecasting performance by measuring and monitoring business performance is critical with a customer 360-degree view of the customer.