Salesforce Sales Cloud

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Sales Cloud by Salesforce is the hub for Sales related CRM activities. Sales Cloud offers a consolidated view of the entire sales process, with deep insights of the customer journey. Multiple device functionality lets you monitor team performance and sales process from any device anywhere. Increase the productivity of your Sales team with the state-of-the-art UI that provides a 360 degree view of your customer with Predictive Lead Scoring, Automated Activity Capture, and Lightning Dialer elements. The Sales Cloud comes with Salesforce Einstein functionality baked in, giving you the ability to fetch the data from the sales process through Artificial Intelligence. Numerous tools and workflows along with back-end connectivity with social media platforms help create a personalized sales experience for your customers. Automated CPQ features and AppExchange integrations serve as the icing on the cake, making Sales Cloud the perfect Sales platform for all Sales and Customer Acquisition needs.

Salesforce Service Cloud

SupSalesforce Service Cloudport Services have turned into an integral business component with the advent of the Subscription era. Make use of the Salesforce Service Cloud to give your customers an effective personalized experience. The Salesforce Service Cloud comes with clever features powered by Artificial Intelligence that bring the right information to your Salesforce Support agents, monitor customer behaviors and predict their actions. The Service Cloud takes customer support and interaction to a whole new level with a standardized dashboard and Telephony Integration. Strengthen your Customer Support team with Salesforce Service Cloud to help them track customer orders, history, cases and more in one place.

Salesforce Marketing Cloud

Bring order to your marketing efforts and pull them off life support with Salesforce’s Marketing Cloud. Make the most of Marketing Cloud tools to target your marketing efforts with the help of many features. Let’s take a look at some of the offerings: Marketing cloud overview, helps pull customer data from numerous sources to understand behaviors, purchase preferences, and habits. Map out customer journeys, predict changes and use real-time events to trigger customers. Pardot helps automate common marketing tasks with Salesforce Marketing Cloud. Send automated emails based on predefined triggers with an ExactTarget Salesforce Integration, use customer data to send personalized messages, or target your prospects activities by integrating Marketing Cloud with social media platforms. Digital marketing with Salesforce includes social studio which harnesses customer activities on social platforms to give you market intelligence on your products and services