Shift to Salesforce NPSP CRM

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RAM (Remote Area Medical) is a significant non-benefit supplier with the expectation of complimentary spring up facilities. Their central goal is to give free and quality medical services to individuals who are out of luck. They forestall the agony and lighten enduring by conveying the free dental, vision, and clinical administrations to uninsured people.

RAM motto is to Donate, Volunteer, and Community Host. There are more than 155,000 volunteers included and they treated the individuals more than 835,000. They conveyed more than $150 million worth of free consideration.

Problem Statement:

RAM being a significant charitable for medical care had been utilizing the non-profit CRM framework called Sumac for Data Management. They needed to move up to a CRM framework more qualified for their necessities.

Our Approach:

For the update, RAM chosen Salesforce over Sumac. Cloudinkinc relocated and designed Salesforce to oblige Sumac date on Salesforce Nonprofit pack. As Salesforce CRM’s NPSP gives Functionality to charitable Organizations.

NPSP gives a significant number of the pre-worked out of the crate functionalities which is helpful for the charitable associations. With the developments of the Cloudlinkinc, they effectively relocated the information from sumac, robly into Salesforce NPSP CRM.

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The advantages of utilizing Salesforce NPSP is installment exchanges and security. As it gives Campaigns and Addresses the board to Donors. It incorporates Recurring Donations, Email formats, and a lot more functionalities that should be possible by NPSP System.


We were effective in helping them redesign their CRM framework so they could separate storehouses among gathering pledges, advertising, projects, and initiative by giving everybody a solitary, mutual perspective on the entirety of their constituents (allies, customers, individuals, accomplices, and that’s just the beginning.)

When an organization does that, groups interface, impart, and deal with the most significant connections. NPSP’s program the board highlights assist charities with following a wide range of kinds of projects or administrations, paying little mind to intricacy. As a not-for-profit’s projects create or develop, Nonprofit Cloud advances with them.