4 Ways to Get More Value from Salesforce in 2020

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  • Post last modified:September 30, 2020

Could you be doing more with your investment in Salesforce?

Some organizations use only a small portion of the overall functionality available in the Sales Cloud. Whether it’s storing basic contact information, recording sales activities or creating sales Opportunities, Salesforce has a great model for basic CRM. But, Salesforce can be leveraged for so much more.  

In this piece, we’ll cover four underutilized features in Sales Cloud and how they can make your sales team more effective.  

1. Organize a Solid Pipeline Process with Leads and Opportunities 

Many sales teams lack a clearly defined process for engaging with leads. As a result, it’s difficult to manage follow up and to ensure no one slips through the cracks. 

The first step in establishing a sales process is identifying each stage in the customer journey from the first interaction with your business to making a purchase. The steps in this path will be replicated in Salesforce through Lead Statuses and Opportunity Stages.

This allows your team to group Leads and Opportunities by stage or status. Through a Kanban view, they can view all their assigned Opportunities within each stage and drag records from one column to the next.