Customer Service productivity with Salesforce

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Spreading Awareness with Salesforce Knowledge Base

Salesforce Knowledge Base is a cloud-based tool of mass communication and customer support that encourages self-service among your customers. Salesforce Knowledge also allows you to create interactive content that helps the audience understand better and gather useful information. Also, it enables your agents to share relevant articles instantly with the customer by searching with the help of keywords. This ultimately boosts your agent’s productivity and helps them close cases faster than ever before. Salesforce Knowledge also supports multiple languages to help your agents and customers connect better.

 If you can compile a comprehensive knowledge base of articles about your product or service, articles like how to get started, user manual, FAQ, etc. and channel it to your customers in a self-service model, they can look up and read the appropriate articles to solve their own queries. Imagine how much service time would get deflected because of this! You will improve customer satisfaction and can utilize your service agents to solve complex issues that require their help. Salesforce Knowledge enables you to build such a database within Salesforce so you can easily make it accessible for your agents, customers, and partners. A knowledge bank helps you to be transparent about your products and services to your customers and visitors. This makes customer engagement a resourceful and self-servicing experience. 

Content Voting

Salesforce has introduced a voting feature helps your firm collect valuable feedback with quantitative outputs. It has two different means of collecting the data – either with a 5-star rating system or thumbs up and down feature.

Article segregation

It offers active article type segregation, and even uses a different layout for different content types to enhance article type recognition.

Easy approval

The approval process for article creation and publishing is rather simple. It lets you set up rules and guidelines that the content creators have to follow to maintaining uniformity and brand standard.

Knowledge One widget 

Salesforce Knowledge comes along with Knowledge one widget and smartly searches for the articles by using keywords and recommends the most relevant article to your agents to share with the customer.

Quick article creation

Salesforce Knowledge Base helps both your service reps and SMEs with the works. It saves your SMEs the work of writing articles from scratch by letting your service reps prepare a rough draft, over which SMEs can work.

Empower your customer service team with Salesforce Knowledge Base

Salesforce Knowledge Base is an excellent supportive tool for Salesforce Service Cloud. It is a massive productivity booster and helps in regulating the workflow and addressing customer queries by promoting the user self-service model. It guarantees you massive ROI and helps you cut expenses in recruiting and managing staff.

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